Thursday, May 10, 2007

What Kind of $hit Is That?

Thomas Hanks: The other day I was thinking, what does a tampon smell like? Without actually smelling a tampon my question was answered in the form of music. Some may be wondering how this is possible. When God spoke to Moses, HE said “May Imogen Heap’s music sound the way a tampon smells”. And so it was and is. Doubters of this eleventh commandment (are going to hell) still ask why every Imogen Heap song sounds like it should be in a tampon commercial? The answer is simple: Imogen Heap is NOT always on her period.

With songs like “Have You Got It In You?”, “Hide And Seek”, and “Clear The Area (I’m on my period)”, we can know how tampons smell. We should thank Imogen for writing songs inspired by the depths of her cooch. E-mail her at

Scott Joplin ain’t never heard ragtime music like this. What? What!

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Thomas Hanks said...

hey crackers, come back and check out the art work illustrating what it looks like when imogen is on her period.....Shillzzz, scan that shit.